Monday, December 18, 2006

Drop-in Mode Enables Easy, Risk-Free Installation

Another important feature to look for is Drop-in Mode (sometimes also known as transparent bridge mode), which allows simple, risk-free installation of a dual WAN router to an existing network.

Risk-free refers to the fact that there is no configuration change to any of the existing network components - router, firewall and clients.

Typically in many office settings, you will find a router (T1 connection), a firewall (Watchguard, Sonicwall, CheckPoint and the like), and the internal LAN segment where user computers are located.

The dual WAN router should support a configuration to be "dropped in" between the firewall and router, while the LAN clients, firewall and router maintain the same configuration!

Additional Internet links are then installed, and the device performs load balance, aggregation, failover among the multiple links.

(Illustrations: Courtesy of PePLink)

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