Friday, August 31, 2007

Multi-WAN Provide Reliability over Instability

Hello everyone, I am Wettham Clum, a new contributing writer on this blog.

People always wonder if we ever need a multi-wan router, or dual-wan router. I think as we are getting to use internet more and more, we need stability for our business or our daily internet life. A multi-wan router is what the best a user can do to get stable internet.

I remember when I was in college, I wanted a dual-wan router so badly because the local cable always fail during rainstorms. Sometimes the cable is out for hours, sometimes the internet outrage lasts overnight. For me, I just have to wait another day to download my favorite movie. But can your business negotiate a deal 24 hours later? Can you halt your e-commerce business for 24 hours? If this sounds familiar , you needed a multi wan router.

The Instable Internet
Internet is plagued with instability. Why? Internet is a decentralized network of highly unreliable computers and router. Sometime this server is down. Sometime an internet node is frozen. When this happens, your webpage still loads because it will try another route. But this will create more traffic for another computer, and sooner or later, the traffic will bring down that particular computer.

These happen every day and repeatedly. It’s just a matter of time these happens on your ISP server. And when that happens, you lost your touch on world’s pulse.

High Internet Dependency
Phone network may have similar problems, but we never notice the problem because for the most of us, we are on the phone for less than an hour per day. But when was the last time you surf online for 10mins a day? Today’s information era dependency on internet is much higher than our dependency on phone in all decades.

The Rise of Internet Applications
Internet dependency is ever increasing thanks to new waves of internet application. Many of us are now using gmail or yahoo mail daily. If you want to look up your some information inside your old email, you have to be online. This is not the case with a offline software client. You can always check your archive as long as you have access to that computer. But the accessibility of internet application is making it increasing popular.

I know people who can do all his work as long as he has his browser connected to the net. You don't need Microsoft Office, you have FREE online version of that. Everything can be done online without installing software on your computer now. This will only become more true as we advance in internet technology.

Multi-WAN Router Provide Stable Internet Connection
It’s ironic we are depending so much on this instable internet. But there are no other choices, we need the internet. While backup server are available to reduce the problem I mentioned above, but for you, how can you make sure you get a stable internet?

This is where you multi-wan router comes into play. You are responsible for the stable internet connection at first hand, not the ISP. ISP still has downtime, they even write it on their policies.

A multi wan router will reduce downtime because you will be connecting to TWO isp instead of one. So when you Comcast is done, you can use the Earthlink DSL. By connecting to two ISP, you only internet downtime is when both of them are out of service. What if all two ISP fails on you? Well, it will be your unlucky day. And if that happens, it's either some serious rainstorm or power outrage, which I doubt you will be using computer at that time.

A Multi-Wan router will be one of the best buy among all your computer devices.

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