Monday, September 17, 2007

Google Presentation Software Now Available

We just found out Google Presentation is out! The Google Docs is now completed!

With the introduction of Google Presentation, now you can collaborate a presentation online. This has been a missing piece of Google office suite. They even change the name from Google Docs and Spreadsheet into Google Docs.

Multiple collaborator can edit the same presentation at the same time. The software is just amazing since it uses a highly compatible CSS so you can view it in all browsers. You can also upload images and changes backgrounds using the theme selector. When you can done with the presentation, you can also choose to save it as a ZIP package for offline archive.

We find this following example from our friends at PePLink. We are able to do a IM base webminar within minutes. This is not currently available using Microsoft PowerPoint unless with extra software or web application. Collaborator can also take part leading the presentation at anytime by the press of a button. For example, a marketer can introduce a market overview of a product while a sales can take control of the webminar and lead the part on pricing structure.

See it in action now!

I am just too excited and i have cannot help but to share this with you. This will definitely overshadow the Zimbra bought by Yahoo yesterday and will haunt Microsoft Office unless they provide a simple webminar option.

Wettham Clum


  1. I just tested this. It rocks! It is free and easy to use. They also upgraded Google Calendar. It is now integrated with Google Docs and has more event coordination features.

  2. Sorry, but this browser does not support web presentations.

    We recommend you try Google Docs on:
    Mozilla Firefox: or higher
    Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0 or higher
    Internet Explorer: 6.0 or higher
    All of these are FREE and easy to download and use.