Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why a $300 router doesn't work?

It's not difficult to find a cheap dual WAN router out there. They cost anything from $250. The question is, do they work? *And*, if so, how good?

If you are running a home network, chances are you don't care too much about its stability, quality, performance and such. Even so, a cheap router may not even work well at home!

OK, why they suck? They are lots of reasons really, but here are the major ones:
  • Just a rebrand/OEM product - Some vendors just took a no-name brand from somewhere and mark their name on it. Be smart, ask them if they own the underlying technology.
  • Just one product out of 100s or even 1000s - For popular consumer brands like Linksys, DLink, a dual wan router is just one small member of their entire product line. You bet, we can imagine how much attention they pay to these home routers.
  • Did I mention support? - OK, seriously, would anyone expect good support at this price level?
  • Did I mention they crash a lot? - Simply poorly designed software.
  • Still the old saying - You get what you paid for!

If it's for home, well, that's fine. It doesn't hurt much.

Now if you're running a *business*, I think you should be careful. Get a truly business grade multi wan router instead. It's an one-off investment, so it will pay off over time nicely and quickly.


  1. PoPLink Seems like nice equipment, dedicated company, but pricey. Have you had any experience with them?


  2. Pricey is kind of relative sometimes.

    For a typical office having 25+ people, loss of half-day productivity due to internet outage easily outweighs the cost of the router.