Monday, October 29, 2007

Dual-WAN with Wi-Fi Internet

Wi-Fi has been rising as an option to get internet access. Some city now provides citywide Wi-Fi and apartment complexes have free Wi-Fi access for resident. You may also choose to pay for commercial Wi-Fi services. Stealing Wi-Fi, however, is not recommended. Many Wi-Fi leecher has been caught and face jail terms.

Wi-Fi internet services are not fast and have a lower reliability. User of Wi-Fi internet should consider a dualwan router and subscribe to a landline internet as backup. This will reduce your internet downtime.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi Internet is also a great option for person who already has a landline and wants more internet uptime. While Wi-Fi may have a lower reliability than landline, but it has a lower cost per month. Your network will see increase in bandwidth, and you only need the Wi-Fi as a backup when your landline is down. Or you can load balance your traffic through the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi reliability depends largely on the signal strength. A high-power Wi-Fi Modem will be able eliminate dropping connections due to low signal strength. PePWave manufacture a High-Power directional Wi-Fi Modem called Surf-DX and you can connects to a distant access point. Pair with a good dualwan router such as PePLink and add to your existing landline internet. This is the ultimate consumer dual wan solution for an always on internet.


  1. Sir, your comment that internet wifi subscribers have unreliable service is total BS.

    I work for a wireless ISP, and we have QOS. And a user on 5ghz can get 10mb down and 4mb up ROCK SOLID.

    Its 2008, and wireless has evolved, its time to upgrade your thinking, when you think wifi,

    Think @Link Wifi

  2. I need to access two broadband bsnl line from laptop within a 2 storey building premises measuring 100ft x 120ft having wi-fi system in each floor. I need the design and recommended devices for Ground and for the 1st floor as well.