Monday, October 8, 2007

The Rise of Web Applications

A few weeks ago, we demonstrate the Google Presentation here in Web Application is going to be the future of software. The trend is clear.

Web Application has many advantages over traditional software. It requires no installation. It only has to be compatible with the browser, instead of the whole computer and therefore causing less bug running across platform. It can be update by the administrator easily. Instead of issuing patch or service pack, any major bug or improvement associate with a web application can be updated quickly, depending on the size of web application. The best part of internet application is the accessibility of the same interface and documents anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Web Application has only one drawback, you have to be online. The Google Gear is a great tool to make web application work offline, but this is for people who need to access this when they are traveling around. Google Gears cannot help much when there is an internet outrage.

Many small business, medium business are now depending solely on web application, along with high VoIP usage. With such a high dependency on the internet, a stable internet connection is very very essential. That’s where the dualwan or multiwan router comes in. A business should not be stopped just because the internet is down.

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