Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reading Router Specification Carefully

As Internet bandwidth is ever increasing, routers are not performing fast enough to handle the increased load. Many router manufacturers are unable to catch-up with this and start playing numbers tricks. Having that said, buyer should be aware when choosing their next router, whether it’s a load balancing router or not.

System Performance/ Backplane Performance
These are more or less the capacity of the router hardware only. As an analogy, the Hard Disk Drive using SATA Interface has a performance capacity of 1.5Gbit/second. However, this number is just one of the many parameters that give you real performance. Writing file to your hard disk is also limited by, how fast the data is coming in, how fast the hard disk is spinning, etc. This is what happening with the router too. Router differs from the switch for its routing software inside, and the bandwidth after routing is usually slower than the backplane performance.

This is the magic number you should be looking for. The faster a router throughput is, the more capable of this router in real world situation. Some router manufacturers call this utilization of routing performance, but they all imply the same thing. Throughput is the practical bandwidth after the routing software works.

The routing software will, for example, monitor TCP packets and applies the QoS feature. The more features a router has, the more resources it takes to process the traffic. This something you should consider when choosing your next router

Friday, May 9, 2008

Salesforce & Google Apps

Google Apps "integration" with Salesforce has been out for a while. It's a great solution for many SME. However, I will say it still takes some more integration to get them work. Instead of associating the document with sales lead, I am expecting more way they work together. For example, maybe they can make Google Spreadsheet load dynamic Salesforce reports? How about pulling values from Salesforce for Google Documents? Or maybe archiving customer chat history as record in Saleforce? These are the real integration that makes them flies. Bcc an email alias to add email from Gmail is quite lame.

For companies who has been using on both SaaS, it's a welcome change, but I expect more.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2008 – The Year of SaaS

Saas Software as a Service Diagram
Software as a Service is the hottest buzzword on the Internet this year. We tried a few of them and the experience is so great there is no turning back.

Note that SaaS is not Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is more about the social networking, the fancy AJAX interfaces. SaaS, however, is your traditional business software no longer running on your OS, but hosted online on provider’s servers.

What make SaaS so cool is that this allows reliable collaborations. Try editing on Google docs with your friends and you will know why. This mean no more email attachment, server downtime. Moreover, there are no more servers to host or tech support to operate enterprise software.

However, SaaS being an online app, your Internet has to be reliable. But reader of this blog should have a multi-wan setup already, so you are now safe for the next wave of business apps! If you find some killer SaaS app not mentioned in this article, feel free to let me know in the comment.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) ScreenshotSaleforces

Great for small team to big corporations, Salesforce is all about customer relationship. As the front runner in the SaaS Revolution, Salesforce CRM is not more than the Service. The force platform is something everyone should watch closely.

Oracle Siebel CRM on DemandOracle Siebel CRM on Demand

Feeling the pressure from all sides, traditional enterprise Software Company is moving towards the on-demand solutions. Oracle is one following this trend.


coda2go on Coda 2Go

Leveraging the salesforce platform, coda2go is going to be a big hit.

Product Lifecycle Management

Arena Solution On-Demand PLMArena Solutions

Company that makes their own product will find this very useful. Reducing the need of paper documentation and allow better internal communication.

ERP Software

SAP Business ByDesign On-Demand SaaS ERPSAP Business ByDesign

SAP, another giant enterprise software company, is going to launch this Business ByDesign Platform. This software is going to cost 149USD/user/month, far lower than if you get their original platform. I expect many medium size business will upgrade to this system.

NetSuite On-Demand SaaS ERP NetSuite

Netsuite is a new contender in ERP system coming from Singapore. If they do it right, they maybe the next salesforce and take on big software company like SAP.

Office Suite

Google Docs

Google Docs

While this is more like an application than a service, Google Docs is definitely the first step to online service for beginner or companies. Try using Google Docs instead of Word or Excel for your next project. No more email attachment for everyone.

ZOHO Office ZOHO Office

I heard it’s much better than Google Docs in many ways, but I still haven’t try it yet. The big guys should just buy it. I will feel more confident trying Yahoo Office or Microsoft Office Live than using ZOHO for my business documents.