Tuesday, January 13, 2009

09's 1st prediction: Google Knol is going to the deadpool

After Google Lively lost steam, I predict Google Knol is the next to follow.  

Knol: a unit of knowledge.  Launched by Google but was closed in 2009 due to poor adoption.  It failed because:
  • 100 results to a search term.  Users don't know which one to pick.
  • Difficult to collaborate.  Its authorship ideology makes it almost impossible for others to modify or enhance existing articles.
  • Low quality.  Since the (user) efforts are so scattered, many articles seem to be unfinished or work in progress at best.
  • Little market awareness.  Knol?  Who "knols"?  Who cares?
Update: 1/15/2009: I was almost right!  Google is shuting down a lot of services.  Too bad that Knol is not yet one of them.

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  1. I feel sad to see Google Notebook dying.