Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As of now, Gmail is down!

Normally we don't report this but Gmail appears to be having a major system failure and downtime *AGAIN*. Both free Gmail and paid Google Apps email service are inaccessible. Customers are furious.

Ahem... I am glad that Blogger is still up... :)

Update: As of Feb 24, 2009 3AM PST, it's still down. Downtime is approx. 45 min.

Update 2: At 3:40AM: Service outage is worldwide, downtime reports from UK, Sweden, Hong Kong and of course, San Diego.

Update 3: At 4:20AM: Service seems largely recovered.

Google posted an apology and explanation on their official company blog.  Oh... a user reminded me that this service is still beta.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dual WAN'ed, now what? (Hint: pump up the pipes)

Let's face it, we have increasingly more important files sitting on the hard drives.  Like many others, I need a backup.  If you have been doing so, congratulations to you but please make sure you have the right strategy.

I started using Backblaze a while ago.  It works great and I've been recommending it to friends.  The Backblaze folks have done a great job.  I like their KISS approach and that it backs up everything.

Now, isn't this a great way to eat up all bandwidth of your Internet links?

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Backblaze to write this post but rather, I pay them for their backup service!