Friday, July 24, 2009

Review: Peplink load balancing and VoIP

I came across a review at Amazon the other day. Once again, you need a router that works as advertised and made by the true expert. It is reproduced here for your reading pleasure.

I purchased this router to replace a previous load balancing router that actually supported up to 8 WAN connections. The problem with this other router (Xincom) was that its firewall kept interfering with some of my applications -- especially VoIP.

My office maintains 2 WAN connections a cable modem and a DSL line. The router is supposed to sample the load on each and route traffic to the least used connection. It's also suppose to detect when a connection goes down and automatically route traffic to the remaining connection(s).

The Xincom never correctly detected when a connection went down (when a connection fails, it returns a "fake" internal IP address which the Xincom mistook for being a valid connection).

The Peplink over came every one of these problems out of the box. As soon as I plugged it in and configured it with my network, both VoIP phones worked perfectly as well as my existing applications. It fully supports port forwarding, firewall protection, VPN access while at the same time performing load balancing and fault detection/redirection.

Coincidentally, on the third day of having the Peplink installed, my cable connection went down. It took me a couple of hours to realize this because Peplink had detected the failure and redirected all traffic through the DSL line.

This is a great product for someone wanting higher performance by using multiple WAN connections.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MacBook Pro Low Audio Volume in Bootcamp: SOLVED

I got a MacBook Pro 15" recently. YEAH! The reason I bought it - like many of you, I love the option of running both Windows (via Boot Camp) and Mac OSX on the same machine.

The MBP has the best hardware build quality and workmanship as a PC. There is no doubt about it. I was enjoying my Windows 7 in a unibody until... I found that the audio volume output is extremely low.

Google is my friend and it's not hard to find that everybody with the new MBP runs into the same problem! Some people are even returning their MBP because Apple can't give good answer or solution. I was wondering the same thing as everyone else - did Apple QA department actually try Bootcamp with latest MBP?

Angry customers keep calling up Apple support centers, keep returning products, and keep waiting...

Problem Solved

Now fast forward and here is the solution that some genius found and posted to Apple discussion board.

Here, I just want copy the last three steps in the post that I can't agree more.
9. Enjoy your sound.

10. Thank ChristianZ and everyone else except Apple, Cirrus Logic, and Soft Reset

11. Wait for the official driver update from Apple... and wait, and wait, and wait...