Friday, August 28, 2009

Why The Apple Tablet will work

The Apple Tablet has gathered so many buzz now. However, unlike many other Apple products, people cast doubt with it. Some say it’s too big for mobile computing, some suggested it will be too expensive. But I think the Apple Tablet is going to be the most important piece of computer equipment for the next decade.

Solid Platform
What the iPhone has bought to the market, is more than just an exceptional mobile smartphone, Apple also bought its top-notch, highly stable, highly capable platform, the iPhone OS to the industry. It’s fancy & easy for the customer to use. And with it’s lucrative channel, the App Store, has gathered a huge crowd of talented developer. This provides the perfect foundation that every computer company hoped for. And the iPhone and iPod touch is just the beginning of what Apple is going after, the embedded computing.

It’s all embedded
Remember all those bar-code scanner that built on-top of palm? Or all those fancy touch screen kiosk you see everywhere? Almost everything device out there with an LCD, can be a potential target market for the Apple Tablet. Traditionally, development of these devices requires a computing unit, and a screen. There are tons of options to choose from, but none of them give them a good operating system. Apple is here to give the industry the best package ever.

The iPhone OS advantage
The palm OS is considering legacy now and the new Palm Web OS is not going to help. The Windows mobile, well, it’s just unreliable for anything serious. Many developers, therefore, choose to start with Linux. The problem with Linux, however, is that open source community is not fast enough to provide all the support needed for a platform. The drivers are slow and it won’t work with some display card, some touch screen sensor, or some of the networking feature. It’s ugly, and the developer are change it by copying from Apple.

iPhone OS, while it’s not open source, but it already provide a package of things that works. The Apple Tablet, or the iPod Touch, provide an excellent standard package for these developers. The iPhone OS provides the industry a very robust platform and save them hardware development cost by using the iPod Touch. Imagine this, all the touch screen applications, movie playing kiosks, Bluetooth controller or GPS logger, everything will just work!

Apple Tablet, the standard package for every gadget
TomTom is a perfect example of how business can transform from traditional device maker, to a service provider. Consider all the money saved from hardware development, now TomTom can get more profit from selling the software and data alone. They don’t even need to find all the sales channels, the App store give them perfect international exposure to millions of iPhone users out there. While TomTom won’t give up the traditional GPS device model now, but I won’t be surprise that they ditch this old market once the iPhone model can give them more profit than before.

Embedded to everyday life
The iPhone and iPod touch is already doing magic in many applications. For the starter, there is the GPS software and also the Nike+ integration. There are many people who designed application to allow iPhone to control their RC car, or even military drones.

The Apple Tablet
The Apple Tablet, therefore, is an extension of the iPhone, giving developer the same advantage of using iPhone and iPod touch. This new product line-up, will therefore give Apple the flexibility to release multiple variant, and therefore, serving the different need of the embedded market. Maybe a small iPod Touch for your desktop machine, and the Apple Tablet for the large medical device, soon, there will be always be an Apple powered iDevice around you.

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